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Canada is a country filled with opportunities for all individuals seeking to settle down there. Whether you are coming to study, visit, or work, there are numerous pathways to reach your immigration goals. In some cases, many foreigners decide they would like to become permanent residents and eventually Canadian citizens down the road. A person may become a Canadian citizen by birth, or by naturalization.

There are a few reasons why someone permanently living in Canada may want to become a citizen. Some of these benefits include:

  • being eligible for more jobs
  • to vote and/or run for political office
  • to travel with a Canadian passport
  • never worry about losing your status
  • not needing to renew immigration documentation
Citizenship Requirements

As with all Canadian immigration programs, permanent residents must meet a specific set of requirements to be deemed eligible to apply for citizenship.

  • Have lived in Canada for 3 out of the last 5 years
  •  Have filed your taxes, if you need to
  • Pass a test on your rights, responsibilities, and knowledge of Canada
  • Prove your language skills
  • Be a Permanent Resident
There are additional requirements if you are:
  • applying for a minor under age 18
  • a Canadian applying for your adopted child born outside Canada
  • a current or former Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member applying under the fast-track process
  • a past Canadian citizen who want your Canadian citizenship back (including current and former CAF members)
The following issues might affect your eligibility and require further documentation:
  • You have a criminal record or face charges inside or outside Canada for a criminal offense
  • You have received an order to leave Canada
  • You have been refused Canadian citizenship because of misrepresentation
  • Your Canadian citizenship has been revoked
  • You have unfulfilled conditions related to your PR status such as medical screening
Dual Citizenship

As Canada recognizes dual citizenship, you will not be required to relinquish your natural citizenship once your application has been approved by IRCC. However, acquiring Canadian citizenship may cause a loss of citizenship under the law of the person’s original nationality. Acquiring Canadian citizenship will not cause a loss of U.S. citizenship unless the person intends to renounce.

Apply For Canadian Citizenship
  •  Get an application package ready: The application package includes the instruction guide and all the forms you need to fill out. Use the instruction guide and the document checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything. Make sure you use a version of the application form dated October 2017 or later.
  • Pay the application fees: Your fees depend on whether you’re an adult (age 18 and over) or a minor. Your fees may include the processing fee and the right of citizenship fee.
  • Submit your application: You must be eligible for Canadian citizenship the day before you sign the application form.
  • Canadian Citizenship Test: Once your application has been approved, you may need to take a citizenship test.

You will be invited to take the citizenship test after receiving confirmation that your completed application has started being processed. You will be given a date and time to attend the exam. Canadian Citizenship Test taking has resumed after being paused during COVID-19. The IRCC is now allowing individuals to take online citizenship tests.
An initial step is to fill in the details below and we will have one of our experts reach out to you to understand your requirements and how we can help.

Canadian immigration comprises of various programs. Contact us today for full details about how we can work with you based on your profile. We are glad to discuss your immigration-related questions or queries.
The best way to start is to have a free initial consultation. Contact us via the details below or send us your details.

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