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February 16, 2022

Why Canada should be the ideal choice of Study?

Why Canada is the Ideal Choice to Study?

The world is so big, why choose Canada?

The Canadian government respects multiculturalism; encourages young people to study in colleges and universities; and attracts talent from all over the world to settle in Canada and develop Canada’s economy. According to a report from a 2019 survey, many foreigners are willing to live in Canada. Canada lived up to expectations and was shortlisted in the Top 10, ranking 9th with a happiness index of 7.27. In the 2019 annual ranking of the world’s best countries, Canada ranked third, behind Switzerland and Japan. And in terms of quality of life, it is ranked first in the world! In terms of national treatment, cultural influence, mobility, economic openness, strength, and quality of life, it also demonstrated excellent performance. In the “Global Education Quality” list published by the US “News and World Report”, Canada ranked first, successfully surpassing the United States. In the QS TOP100 Best Global Studying Cities in 2019, 5 cities in Canada were shortlisted as well: Montreal (6), Toronto (11), Vancouver (16), Ottawa (45), and Quebec (115).

The education system in Canadian is ranked among the best in the world. The best countries are ranked for education based on certain conceptualized global surveys that are based on the compilation of data from equally educationally developed countries where the system of public education is well developed, the people would consider attending universities and that provides the best quality education. For the quality of life, Canada is also ranked first place and overall it is considered the third-best country in the world.

Blend of Different Cultures

Canada attracts talent from all nooks and corners of the world and because it affords special emphasis on multiculturalism, incoming students find it at home while pursuing their courses at Canadian universities. With encouraging professors, friendly communities, and students from diverse communities, you interact and get to know many different cultures and customs. Further, it aids you in developing your ideas, how to better interpret your own beliefs. Studying abroad is a difficult journey, no doubt, but when amidst such a unique environment, you have all the tools to make it the best experience of your life.

Multilingual Campus, City, and Country

Canada has two official languages, French and English. In that respect, students can take advantage of learning French through vernacular means. Though studies can generally be undertaken in both languages, by regularly interacting with your friends, colleagues, your local shops, neighbors, you can learn an additional language, in most cases, French. In particular, the province of Quebec is considered the hub of French natives

Some Famous Places of Study In  Canada

The University of Toronto is known for contributing to the world economy with amazing concepts. It is the best and most talked about institute of research in Canada.

University de Montreal is a very popular university that is ranked 5th in the whole world. Languages such as English and French are used as a mode of communication.

The University of Waterloo can be said as just the other name of innovation, it is always the first to bring and introduce something new.

The  University of British Columbia is best for providing students with the best research and analysis support with excellent faculty.

McMaster University in Hamilton is a world-class center for public research and has fed inquiry and curiosity for over a century.

The University of Alberta is famous for its excellent performance in the fields of science, arts as well as social science subjects.

Calgary University is one with innovative plans for this generation. This university in Canada keeps in mind providing the students with the newest form of technology to learn and teach.

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