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Refugee Sponsorship By Group

Refugee Sponsorship By Group

There are many ways that Canadians, their communities, and organizations sponsor refugees and help them to resettle into their new life in Canada. These sponsorship programs help refugees find a place to live, provide financial, social, and emotional support, and donate food and clothing as they resettle and adjust to life in Canada.

Groups of Five is a private sponsorship program where five or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents sponsor one or more refugees to resettle within their community. These sponsors must be over the age of 18, and can only sponsor applicants who already hold refugee status in Canada.

A semi-private sponsorship program, the Blended Visa Office-Referred Program has private sponsors collaborating with the Government of Canada to sponsor a United Nations Refugee Agency-identified refugee.

Corporations and organizations can also lend a hand at sponsoring refugees as a Sponsorship Agreement Holder, a Community Sponsor for applicants who already have refugee status in Canada, or via the Joint Assistance Sponsorship Program, where organizations partner with the Government of Canada to sponsor refugees with special needs.

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